Stove Top

White kettle affixed to wall; looped video projection.

Pantry Ghost

White chair, and footage of cadaver slices.

Milky Way

Frying pan with milk.
Projected onto the milk is footage of Ham the chimp, the first hominid launched into outer space.


Two monitors, two eyes, and a microwave, with toy kitchen inside.

Clear Skies

Fridge, toy tank.
In the freezer, footage of humans, polar bears, and arctic landscapes.


Pot, earth, worms, and video of a woman on a gurney.
You can see her breathe if you peer into her little coffin.


You see your face projected onto David’s, to the tune of 18 pop songs telling you you are beautiful.


Dishwasher, books, circuit boards, laptop, and Google.
Filtered knowledge.


Walking into Francesca Talenti’s Genesis: Mishaps in the Kitchen is like walking into a warped fusion of science and technology with your average kitchen… Using actual-sized appliances, small-scale sculpture elements and video and audio presentation, Talenti’s alternative kitchen asks big questions… Each installation intersects life with machine. Talenti points to the idea of how scientific development has led us to create technology, which, in turn, is now having a hand in our own creation.

-Sarah Lupton, The Independent Weekly

The Bathysphere Team

Principal Investigators:
Francesca Talenti, UNC Communication Studies
Greg Welch, Research Associate Professor, Computer Science, UNC

Darryl Dunn, composer
Madison Bullard, UNC undergraduate student

Animation, 3-D:
Marc Russo, principal animator, NC State graduate student
Matt Harris, modeler, UNC undergraduate student
Charlie Hicks, modeler, UNC undergraduate student

Fish simulation:
Chiung-Yi Tseng, UNC Computer Science graduate student

Game Design
Caitlyn Losee UNC Computer Science undergraduate student
Stephen Roller, NC. State University undergraduate student
Zhen Shao, UNC Computer Science graduate student

Motion Capture
Tao Li, UNC Computer Science graduate student

Water Simulation
Mingsong Dou, UNC Computer Science graduate student
Ying Shi, UNC Computer Science graduate student

Logistics and networking
Bil Hays, Infrastructure Manager, department of Computer Science, UNC
John Thomas, Research Associate, department of Computer Science, UNC
Herman Towles, Senior Research Engineer, department of Computer Science, UNC

The Bathysphere Reviews

The work is immersive and quite pleasant as you are surrounded by the soft blue tones of a simulated underwater environment. Therein, sea creatures wander about seemingly at random as a minimalistic soundtrack plays in the background. The projections seem random, that is, until you see your fellow audience members holding and waving about strange objects. The work is interactive: visitors control the digital sea creatures by moving around objects with sensors on them: an umbrella, a fishing pole, a ball. It’s really quite playful and amusing.
– Adam Rogers,

Designed as a virtual underwater opera and interactive game, The Bathysphere features three-dimensional animations and projections on the walls, ceiling and floor of a space, creating under- and above-water worlds.
– The Herald Sun–The-faculty-projects?