Sometimes a Man

Animation based on the poem by Rainer Maria Rilke.

Nonsense Poems

Five very short animations based on poems by Edward Lear.

Rio Grande

Animation based on the poem by Enrique Cabrera.

On Writing Hat Poems

Animation based on the poem by Marvin Kimbrough.

Snake Tales

I wrote and directed this feature film – an adaptation of the 1001 Nights to Texas folklife.
This is a trailer. You can watch the entire feature at: Francesca’s YouTube Channel
91 mins.

Best Independent Film Comedy, Wetzel Fund.
Best Screenplay, Brussels.
Best Music, Zoie Film Festival.
Selected to screen at the US Comedy Arts Festival.

Dancing Dog

This dog sings a Cole Porter tune with Marlene Dietrich’s voice. He dances too.
Winner, audience award DC Film Festival.

Ant Farm

Excerpt of animations for the documentary about Ant Farm, the renegade architecture collective from the 1970s.
The animations are based on drawings by Curtis Schreier and Chip Lord, key players of the collective.

Love Defined

Everything you need to know about love, in 5 minutes!


I directed – students did everything else.

The Planets

A subjective journey through the 9 planets of our solar system.
Sundance Honorable Mention.