Video design for Shakespeare’s Pericles, at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, The Folger, and The Guthrie.

Directed by Joseph Haj. Lighting Design by Rui Rita. Set Design by Jan Chambers. Costume Design by Raquel Barreto. Photos by Jenny Graham.

It’s Only Bad If You Get Caught

Video Design for dance choreographed by Linda Larssen.

Performed at the Cucalorus International Film Festival, November 7, 2007.
Performed at the NC Dance Festival, Feb. 23, 2008.


Concept and Video Design.
With Tracy Ulloms, choreographer.

A live camera is on the dancer, who has LED lights in her hands. The image is re-projected behind her, showing the traces or drawings she makes with the lights.

Performed at Moore Square, as part of SPARKcon’s Art Night, Raleigh, Sept. 22, 2007.
Also performed at the Cucalorus International Film Festival, Nov. 7, 2007.


Video designer for PlayMakers’ production of Pericles, 2008.
This is an excerpt of the storm sequence; with Eric Knisley.

“Best Video/Design” in the Independent Weekly’s “Year in Arts: Theater” for 2009.
Selected for the World Stage Design Gallery Exhibition, Seoul, Korea, 2009.


Video Designer for Burning Coal’s production of Terry Johnson’s Hysteria, 2008.
3 videos ran simultaneously.


Palm Quart Review

RedCat, LA 2010

Video score by Francesca Talenti

“In Palm Quart… the video is made up of both still and moving images of palm trees shot all over Los Angeles. Each player is again given a string and pitch range, as well as a quadrant of the screen to “read” as the palm trees pass by. Francesca Talenti (the filmmaker) and Randy both thought that palm trees looked like musical notes, so they filmed them upside down, sideways, from cars and standing still, you name it…

Now, to me one of the most striking things… is how completely consistent and formal they sound. No matter what groups play them, in Los Angeles or New York, today or twenty years ago, they always sound the same. Seems strange and impossible at first, but I swear: If you closed your eyes and did not look at the screen, it sounds as if you are listening to a piece of Xenakis or Ligeti, something very complex and difficult to realize. However, open your eyes, and the images we see on the screen make these pieces delightful and full of fun and humor.”
– Steve Horowitz,

Palm Quart

RedCat, LA 2010

The video is the score, played by a string quartet.
With composer Randy Hostetler

Hamlet Reviews

Folger Theater, 2010

The company’s current production of Hamlet boasts just one unique feature, but it’s a good one. Francesca Talenti has converted the play-within-a-play into a video presentation, which spills across James Kronzer’s pristine white set and keeps the onstage audience at the center of the action. A… bravura moment.
– Susan Berlin,

The play within the play… is staged as a kind of art film, silhouettes projected onto the faces and bodies of the actors, Velvet Underground “Exploding Plastic Inevitable”-style. It’s a stunning effect.
– Chris Kilmek, The Washington Examiner

Also haunting is the video design by Francesca Talenti, which makes for a truly eerie play-within-the-play scene.
– Jenn Larsen,

Hysteria Excerpt

Burning Coal Theater, 2008.

This is Freud’s dream. I used props from the play, found footage, and Anna Freud’s home movies.
Dalì’s in the play too, which is why many things melt.