The Bathysphere Team

Principal Investigators: Francesca Talenti, UNC Communication Studies Greg Welch, Research Associate Professor, Computer Science, UNC Audio: Darryl Dunn, composer Madison Bullard, UNC undergraduate student Animation, 3-D: Marc Russo, principal animator, NC State graduate student Matt Harris, modeler, UNC undergraduate student Charlie Hicks, modeler, UNC undergraduate student Fish simulation: Chiung-Yi Tseng, UNC Computer Science graduate student … Read more

The Bathysphere Reviews

The work is immersive and quite pleasant as you are surrounded by the soft blue tones of a simulated underwater environment. Therein, sea creatures wander about seemingly at random as a minimalistic soundtrack plays in the background. The projections seem random, that is, until you see your fellow audience members holding and waving about strange … Read more

The Bathysphere

An Immersive Experience With Greg Welch, Computer Science. The ball controls the octopus, the umbrella the stingray, and the fishing rod the fish. Each creature has its own musical cue. We used a motion capture system, 4 networked computers plus projectors, and the game engine Unity. We were in a building that was originally built … Read more


Folger Theater, 2010 Projection Designer for The Mousetrap, the play-within-the-play. “The play’s the thing wherein I’ll catch the conscience of the king!” REVIEWS: The company’s current production of Hamlet boasts just one unique feature, but it’s a good one. Francesca Talenti has converted the play-within-a-play into a video presentation, which spills across James Kronzer’s pristine … Read more

Ant Farm

Excerpt of animations for the documentary about Ant Farm, the renegade architecture collective from the 1970s. The animations are based on drawings by Curtis Schreier and Chip Lord, key players of the collective. Directed by Laura Harrison.