Murphy’s Chang

Music Video for Peter Lamb and The Wolves My first foray into the world of 3D animation *and* my first music video – I had a blast! Special thanks to Robert Gongora and Ian Wallace, master green-screeners.


Thalia was made specifically for Thalian Hall, a Wilmington NC theater built in 1858. The installation was up on November 13 and 14, 2010. This is a 4:30 minute documentation of the piece. Thalia is the muse of comedy, but she is wistful today, reflecting on some the people who have come and gone upon … Read more


Concept and Design. With Tracy Ulloms, choreographer. A live camera is on the dancer, who has LED lights in her hands. The image is re-projected behind her, showing the traces or drawings she makes with the lights. Performed at Moore Square, as part of SPARKcon’s Art Night, Raleigh, Sept. 22, 2007. Also performed at the … Read more


Video designer for PlayMakers’ production of Pericles, 2008. This is an excerpt of the storm sequence; with Eric Knisley. “Best Video/Design” in the Independent Weekly’s “Year in Arts: Theater” for 2009. Selected for the World Stage Design Gallery Exhibition, Seoul, Korea, 2009.

Palm Quart

RedCat, LA 2010 I designed the video, which is the score for a string quartet. With composer Randy Hostetler “In Palm Quart… the video is made up of both still and moving images of palm trees shot all over Los Angeles. Each player is again given a string and pitch range, as well as a … Read more