Family Secrets

FAMILY SECRETS Chamber Opera by composer Daniel Thomas Davis Produced by North Carolina Opera at Burning Coal, February 2018 With Andrea Edith Moore, Soprano, and Jane Holding, Narrator. Review: click here

Wants Upon a Time Is a Commedia Dell’arte Interrogation of What Happily Ever After Really Means

Francesca Talenti’s theater work is performed on the Hillsborough Riverwalk on the last Friday of each month through September. Source: Wants Upon a Time Is a Commedia Dell’arte Interrogation of What Happily Ever After Really Means Sixteenth-century Italy probably isn’t the first place you’d think to look for experimental filmmaker and futuristic multimedia artist Francesca … Read more

Wants Upon a Time

WANTS UPON A TIME Performed at Patrick Dougherty’s Stick Work Castle Review: click here Performers: Deborah Aronin Bryce Bowden Jeffrey Blair Cornell Drina Dunlap Sharon Eisner Kit FitzSimons Composer: Jack Herrick Lyricist: Michael Malone Ukelele Player: Rollie Olin Designer: Deirdre Shipman Partially funded by: The Orange County Arts Commission The Hillsborough Tourism Board Jeffrey Blair … Read more


Lighting and Projection Design for Carole McCurdy’s Waver. Performed September 15 – 23, 2017 at Defibrillator Gallery, Chicago. With Geoff Guy, Irene Hsiao, Carole McCurdy, Harlan Rosen, Pamela Strateman, M Wu Live Vocal + Time Bundle | Eli Halpern Revolution | Mina Büker Technical Direction | Jon Satrom Sound Design | Gray Castle Studios Costume … Read more

A Bride For All Seasons

This is an installation, projected on a white door. The video is silent, and is designed to loop. But here it plays to the third movement of Thomas Oboe Lee’s Piano Concerto “Mozartiana.” Spring/Air – Summer/Water – Fall/Fire – Winter/Earth Special thanks to Cameron Ayres, Spencer Brisson, and Jesse Moorefield

Wave Tank

3 Waves from the Wave Tank at UNC’s Fluid Dynamics LabHere is a making-of video This project also exists as an interactive installation: a touch-screen monitor enables you to enlarge any one section of the wave. Music by Alexei Stanchinsky Special thanks to Roberto Camassa, Richard McLaughlin, Jesse Moorefield, and my excellent students.

Phases of the Moon

Phases of the Moon uses two windows on the corner of Hargett and Fayetteville Streets in Raleigh, NC. Up from August 4 to September 26, 2011, 8PM to 2AM every night.